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A2Billing 1.3 - Help - Show Mail Template

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Show Mail Templates
This shows all the Mail Templates that can be set out when various actions are performed.

•epayment Warning - Sent when verification has failed for say paypal
•Forget Password - Sends an email to the register account holder informing them of their password. This has to be enabled in a2billing.conf to show "forgot password" on the customer login screen
•Invoice - sent out via a cronjob with the PDF attached.
•Payment Confirmation, Confirms that payment has been received by the A2Biling platfrom when using an epayment system such as paypal
•Sent out when the credit gets to below min_credit_to_call in a2billing.conf
•Signup - Sent out when a customer signs up via the web interface. It contains a link that verifies the customers email address. As to how whether the card is created active or pending will depend on what defaults have been set in A2Billing.conf
•Signup Confirmed. The email sent out when the customer clicks on the link in the previous email and the signup process is completed.
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