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A2Billing 1.3 - Help - Show Callback

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Show Callback
The callback system has to be installed as a service on the host operating system. There are documents within the A2Billing download to help with the installation.

Note that there are some features in the agi-conf that do not work when using this kind of callback, because of the complexities of applying the features.

You will need a context with a2billing-callback exactly as stated in the instructions in the A2Billing download. This is used for the return leg of the call.

Additionally, there are two further contexts that can be used depending on how you want the call to behave.

•cid-callback will callback the caller on their DID only if the caller ID is recognised by A2Billing
•all-callback will callback anyone who rings the trigger number, and prompt for a pin.
The number recieved can be manipulated by means of the last parameter so that if the caller ID is delivered without the country code, this can be inserted by the system

Show Callback shows a list of all the callbacks initiated, and whether or not they were successful, along with an error code.

Add Callback
A new callback can be added via this screen for testing purposes.
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