A2Billing 1.3 - Help - Administrator

Open Source Calling Card/Billing for Asterisk

A2Billing 1.3 - Help - Administrator

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Show Administrator
Shows a list of administrators who have full access to the system

Add ACL Access
This gives the ability for staff to enter the system in an adminstrative role, but have restricted access to certain areas.

Add Administrator
Add a new administrator to the system. Anyone added here will have access to all areas.

Back up the Database
Backs up the entire database, by default to the /tmp directory.

Restore Database
Restore the database. Note that while this is taking place, no calls can be made. It will overwrite any existing entires in the database.

Watch Log Files
Look at various log files created by the system.

System Log
A complete searcheable log of all clicks, adds and changes to A2Billing.
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